Mini Company

Tiny Tots - Ages 2 - 3 *with parent participation
Kinders - Ages 3 - 4
Pre-Kids - Kindy -Pre-Primary

Youth Company

Kids Club - Year 1 - 2
Pre-Junior - Year 3 - 4
Junior - Year 5 - 6

Senior Company

Pre-Elementary - Year 7 - 8
Elementary - Year 9 - 10
Teen - Year 9 - 12
Pre-Senior - Year 11 - 12
Senior - 18+yrs (see levels breakdown below)

Senior Company | Ages 18+

Senior Beginner (no experience required)
For dancers who are new to the style, have limited experience and are seeking to learn the fundamentals.  

Senior Intermediate
For dancers who have mastered the fundamentals, acquired sound technique and are aiming to build professional performance skills.

Senior Intermediate+/Advanced
For high level intermediate and advanced dancers who have strong technique with high skill level and working towards dancing at a professional level.

Senior Advanced

*Dancers who have just finished Pre-Senior (or year 12) are unable to enrol in Advanced classes in their first year of Senior Company.
For dancers who have vast experience and strong technique with the ability to perform at a professional level.

Open (Non-Performing)
Open for enrolments and trials all year.  No performance at concert.  Age restrictions vary for all open classes.