Pre-Kids Studio | Ages 2 - PP

Tiny Kinders Ages 2 - 4
Pre-Kids Kindy - PP

Junior Studio | Years 1 - 6

Kids Club Year 1 & 2
Pre-Junior Year 3 & 4
Junior Year 5 & 6

Teen Studio | Years 7 – 12

Pre-Elementary Year 7 & 8
Elementary Year 9 & 10
Pre-Senior Year 11 & 12

Senior Studio | Ages 18 yrs +

Senior Beginner (approx. 1-3 years experience)
For dancers who are new to the style, have limited experience and are seeking to learn and master the fundamentals.

Senior Beginner+/Intermediate (approx. 2+ years experience)
For high level Beginner dancers and Intermediate dancers who have some experience and are seeking to develop their technique and master the fundamentals.

Senior Intermediate (approx. 3-5 years experience)
For dancers who have mastered the fundamentals, have a reasonable amount of technique and are aiming to enhance their bodies capability and ability to express forms.

Intermediate+/Advanced (approx. 5+ years experience)
For higher level Intermediate dancers and Advanced dancers who are looking towards picking up and performing choreography at a professional level.

Advanced (approx. 6+ years experience)
For dancers who have vast experience and strong technique with the ability to pick up and perform choreography at a fast and professional level.

The Dance Collective offers a wide range of classes for all ages and abilities.

Please choose your levels wisely. We have catered for all levels. If you are unsure as to which level to enrol in,please contact our studio to discuss.

* It is at TDC’s discretion to allocate dancers to classes most suited to their abilities. If dancers have enrolledand paid for a class that is not suited to their experience, we will transfer them to a more appropriate class.