Annual Membership

A one-off annual membership fee of $45 per dancer is charged upon enrolment to cover administration, insurance and music licensing costs. Membership allows access to multi-class discount plus further discounts for workshops, merchandise and events.

Tuition (paid monthly)

30min - $16 per class
45min - $19 per class
60min - $22 per class

*see monthly payment schedule below

Casual Class

30min - $20 per class
45min - $23 per class
60min - $25 per class

Trial Class

$10 each - limit one per class

Multi-Class Discount

A discount is offered when committing to more than 3 classes a week.
3rd & 4th class - 10% off
5th & 6th class - 20% off
7th+ classes - 30% off


*excluding concert fees



1st of month - Fees processed
15th of month - Advise cancellation for next month
23rd of month - Statements emailed - check balance

Tuition is charged per month according to how many classes are offered by TDC within that month.

Upon enrolment, you will add credit/debit card details to your Client Portal.

Monthly AutoPay deducts on the 1st of the month or you can pre-load your account or pay manually online before 1st.

Ensure your bank details are up-to-date and your account has funds to avoid declined payments.

A declined fee of $5 will be charged each time if a payment is rejected.  You will receive a notification and we will attempt to take payment again in 3 days.  

* Contactless
*  Automated
*  Less financial burden
*  No need to re-enrol
*  Improved efficiencies
*  Added convenience at no extra cost


Your enrolment will continue at The Dance Collective until the end of 2024.

Should you wish to cancel, please provide written notice by 15th of the month prior.Classes are run based on enrolments.  When a dancer gives 2 weeks notice for cancellation,  TDC has time to advertise to refill the spot or make the decision to cancel the class if numbers are low.

We appreciate your notice.