Annual Registration Fee

An annual registration fee of $40 per dancer is charged to all dancers per calendar year on commencement of classes to cover administration, insurance and music licensing costs.  

Term Fees

Fees per class
45 min to 1 hour
30 minutes
Term Dates

Fee per class

30 min

45 min

60 min

Term Dates

Term 1 (9 weeks)
Mon 1 Feb – Thu 1 April
Term 2 (11 weeks)
Tue 19 April – Sat 3 July
Term 3 (10 weeks)
Mon 19 July – Sat 25 Sep
Term 4 (10 weeks)
Mon 11 Oct – Thur 16 Dec
Trial (Limit one per class)

* Fees must be paid at time of enrolment to secure your place.  
* Refunds and make up classes are not available.
* Dancers can enrol mid-term and pay term fees from the week they commence.
* If a class falls on a public holiday, class fees will be adjusted accordingly.


Priority is given to current TDC dancers before enrolments open to the public.  TDC placement can only be guaranteed if fees are paid upon enrolment. 


Receive 10% off your third class, 15% off your fourthclass, 20% off your fifth class and 25% off your sixth+ classes. Fees are automatically calculated onlineupon enrolment.
Class 1 $180
Class 2 $180
Class 3 $162 (10% off)
Class 4 $153 (15% off)
Class 5 $144 (20% off)
Class 6, 7 8 $135 (25% off)


We expect all dancers participating in classes to have the courtesy to have paid their fees.  If dancers are found attending class with an outstanding balance, a $25 fee recovery charge will be applied and dancers will be restricted from attending until payment is made.Concert fees paid after the due date will also incur a $25 fee recovery charge.

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The estimated fees associated with our end of year productions are listed below.  As plans are made during the year we will keep our families updated. *Fees are subject to change.


$50 per dancer (Junior, Teen & Senior Companies)  Includes music licenses, extra rehearsals, copy of music, concert t-shirt (part of concert uniform) and program. 


TDC provides a full service to ensure there is very little for parents and dancers to do. There is no sewing of sequins here! This hire fee contributes towards: sizing, styling/designing, sourcing and purchasing, altering, maintenance, cleaning, organising and sorting costumes.
Dancers will be required to provide their own stockings, boy leg shorts and any other garments considered as underwear for their costume.  All dancers will need to supply their own white sneakers/sandshoes as part of their concert uniform. 

JUNIOR SHOWCASE - $50 per class
TDC will transport all costumes and props to the venue.  Full supervision is provided so that parents can enjoy the show.

TEEN & SENIOR PRODUCTION - $60 per class
Teen and Senior dancers will be supplied with a TDC costume bag and coat hanger.  Dancers will receive their costumes in the weeks leading up to their concerts and are responsible for bringing their costumes to the concert venues. 


USB $30 - one charge per family per production
TDC concerts are filmed and edited professionally and supplied to each dancer on a branded USB. This allows performances to be viewed from a laptop or TV and can be easily shared with family and friends who are unable to attend.