COVID-19 has changed our TDC world.  It has caused a backlog of international and interstate bookings at Crown Theatre, which means there is no availability for us this year.  The pandemic has also reduced our numbers and the amount of classes we run.  This has lead to a restructure of our company.

As always, we have embraced this change and booked the spectacular Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre for two amazing shows in 2022.


+ Kids Club
+ Pre-Junior
+ Junior
+ Pre-Elementary
+ Teen Acro

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Sunday 16 October, 5pm show
Rehearsal Friday afternoon 14 October and continue Sunday morning 16 October

"WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR?" Presented by our Youth Company

Who do you aspire to be? What would like to do? Where would you like to go? How would you like this earth to be? Our younger dancers of The Dance Collective share their hopes and dreams for today and the future.
Fees per class
45 min to 1 hour
30 minutes
Term Dates


+ Elementary
+ Pre-Senior
+ Teen Hip Hop
+ Breaking
+ Senior Beginner
+ Senior Intermediate
+ Senior Intermediate+/Advanced
+ Senior Advanced

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Saturday 15 October, 7.30pm show

Rehearsals during the day from 8am
Blocking rehearsal 10am - 8pm Sunday 9 October (last day of Term 3 school holidays)
* Schedule to be confirmed

With such a close performance date ahead, there will be no film classes in 2022.

"IMPACT" Presented by our Senior Company

On 30 January 2020 the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. From this moment our lives were changed forever.  How did we get through? What lessons did we learn? In years from now, how will we describe what happened?  

The Dance Collective explores the effect of the pandemic on the way we worked, we played, the time we spent with people and the time we spent with ourselves.  

IMPACT is a performance documentary that will allow us to share and celebrate all that we have learnt and achieved in these last 3 years.


As we commence Term 2, regular attendance is imperative from all dancers to ensure our pieces are up to performance standard.  If you are in isolation our Hybrid (Studio X Zoom) classes will continue with your request.  If you are unwell you can still watch so you don't fall behind!  

Concert pieces will be starting as soon as we get back into the studio.

Makeup classes will only continue for the first 4 weeks of Term 2.

(If you have not yet got a Client Portal login, sign up here and wait for your confirmation email


Our highly organised and professional shows have begun preparations and involve the following costs:


$50 per dancer which covers the cost of music licenses, extra rehearsals, copy of music, concert t-shirt (part of concert uniform) and program.


TDC provides a full service to ensure there is very little for parents and dancers to do. There is no sewing of sequins here! This hire fee contributes towards: sizing, styling/designing, sourcing and purchasing, altering, maintenance, cleaning, organising and sorting costumes.

Dancers will be required to provide their own stockings, boy leg shorts and any other garments considered as underwear for their costume.  All dancers will need to supply their own white sneakers/sandshoes as part of their concert uniform. 

Youth Concert - $50 per class
Senior Concert - $60 per class


$35 - one charge per family per concert
A professional videographer is hired to capture our end of year shows.  A copy is released to each family via a digital download so you can keep your performance forever and share with those who were unable to come.  To keep the cost reasonable the compulsory cost is shared between all families.


Charged in September - Costume Hire
Charged in October - Concert Levy & Digital Video Download


Youth Concert - $40
Senior Concert - $55
Available via Ticketek.  Sale date to be confirmed.  


A comprehensive package with all the information will be released in Term 3.  We also hold an information night for our new families.  Dates and times to be confirmed.  We are excited we can finally lock in these dates!  

* Please note - All subject to change based on government health regulation advice.