TERM 4 | WEEKS 8, 9 & 10
TDC Production House | 26 Parkinson Lane, Kardinya

With so much uncertainly still going on in this dynamically shifting Covid-reality, our Junior Studio classes will showcase a selection of their work through in-class performances towards the end of term 4.

  1. Pre-Kids
  2. Kids Club
  3. Pre-Junior
  4. Junior

This heavily reduces the costs and time normally put towards our Junior Showcase. We understand the financial pressure some families are under in 2020.  We hope this comes as a relief for you.

We had planned on a picnic style outdoor show at Kadidjiny Park, Melville but with good weather not guaranteed and Phase 4 restrictions on numbers a huge uncertainty is placed on our shoulders.

TDC Production House is a building in nearby Kardinya (only 1.2kms from TDC) which is currently being converted into a film studio for our Senior Studio dance films.  It is a large studio fitted with lights and bright white walls. It will be a beautiful space for our Junior Studio classes to perform to their families.

In-Class Showcase Dates

Please find your child’s class to see their proposed In-Class Showcase date.
To begin dancers will rehearse and Showcase will commence halfway through the class.



TDC Production House
26 Parkinson Lane, Kardinya

No Costs

No concert levy, costume hire or ticket costs this year!

All TDC families will be given the opportunity to livestream our Senior film "2020" on the night of its premiere Saturday 12 December 7pm. Save the date.

We will continue to work on our end of year pieces and cannot wait for our families to see what we have created at the end of term 4!